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About Turboweb

Since 1999, Turboweb has been the only dedicated Isle of Wight Broadband ISP. We setup as a WISP (Wireless ISP) offering wireless broadband to the residents of the West Wight using 802.11x technologies. We found the Wi-Fi standard to offer incredible speed and reliability when installed correctly. The service has been extremely popular in this area. We have been providing highly reliable broadband for several years before ADSL broadband was available on the Isle of Wight! We can also offer the very best support and advice to our local customers. The Isle of Wight really has a broadband service operated by true broadband enthusiasts designed to improve on the shortcomings that large companies have with customer service and actually giving the customers what they want. Turboweb aims to give the Isle of Wight the cutting edge speeds and latest technologies today. For too long has the UK been offered poor communication services when compared to other countries.

The Turboweb wireless network operations centre is fed by two backbone internet connections with automatic fail over within 30 seconds for maximum reliability. It has an uninterruptible battery backup protected power supply and uses the very latest ISP routing technology to ensure quality of service. This means that the service is as reliable as possible, eliminating as much as possible reliance on any single factor.

If you are making the decision to have either wireless broadband or ADSL broadband, we always recommend wireless, as we manage the entire network and can offer technical support response within one day. Infrastructure problems are solved immediately, meaning the wireless network provides over 99.9% availability. Providing ADSL involves many different carriers and unmanned BT exchanges, so the response on technical problems is much longer. It's also very difficult to troubleshoot ADSL problems as BT manage large parts of the network which ISP's cannot access directly. Many business users choose to install both Wireless and ADSL, having independent feeds for 100% reliability at their site. We can set up fail over routers for our customers using wireless and ADSL when 100% availability is required.


The Turboweb system really provides a great connection. The system is capable of up to 100 mbps, and although we currently offer up to 8mbps services, this will very soon increase to above the speed at which ADSL through the phone line is capable of. You can see how attractive our system is at being future proof! ADSL through the phone line offers contention ratios (users sharing your connection capacity) of 50:1 (50 users sharing your bandwidth) to home users and 20:1 for business with a maximum possible throughput of 2mbps download by 256kbps upload. Turboweb offers 25:1 for home users and 10:1 for business and the system is able to transmit and receive around 25 mbps in both directions to your home or business. So you are more likely to get the speed you pay for with Turboweb and the connection speed can be upgraded with no extra cost to you.


The hardware we provide is best in class. Rugged and industry-standard ethernet based, so you can easily connect to a router and share with multiple computers. It's also compatible with all known types of computers and games consoles with no drivers or dialing needed. We know how frustrating the USB modems can be for ADSL with poor reliability and being designed to prevent you sharing your connection properly, or using it for anything other than a Windows PC! Our modem units come ready for 54mbps data transfer which means you really have the future proof hardware you always wanted for a broadband service.


The Turboweb system offers the best security from hackers to our home users, because of the special way in which we deliver our service. We offer as standard a free central firewall service. This automatically protects your computer/network from incoming connections, which will eliminate completely the possibility of a hacker remotely hacking your machine. We also block any connections from other users on the network. The great advantage of Turboweb's security is the simple ability for advanced users to upgrade to a fully static public IP address. This will bypass all our security filters and give you an unsurpassed connection should you need it. However for most users we recommend the secure option. For example in some tests we ran, we exposed a normal Windows XP computer to the internet with a static IP. Within one day it had been attacked, the standard Windows firewall had been breached, and a trojan installed! With Turboweb's secure standard package, that would not have happened!

Often we get asked if the wireless system is less secure than other types of internet connection. This is simply not true. The reason is that the internet itself is an open network environment, where any point is contactable by any other point. If you imagine that your PC's broadband connection from the point it leaves your computer is entering an open environment, you can clearly see that the point of security is at the point data leaves your PC for the internet. The equipment used to receive Turboweb broadband is also a great firewall. So at the point where your internet connection terminates to your PC you are firewalled. Also for your security, the Turboweb system does encrypt all traffic to the latest and best standards, employing the very latest security technology. Unless you have chosen a public IP address it's not possible for a remote machine to initiate a connection to your PC. Any banking or company VPN networks are encrypted too, as these systems have been developed specifically to ensure your data is secure when communicating over the internet.


If you need any advice, or to talk to an expert about our system, please call the Turboweb office on the phone number below. Our office hours are 10am - 5pm Monday-Friday.