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Turboweb Case Studies

Mr Edmundson, who only lives a few hundred metres from the local BT exchange in Freshwater, had terrible problems getting a reliable broadband connection on his phone line:

"It hardly ever worked, and technical support seemed unable to diagnose or fix the faults! After a few months with no access, I cancelled my phone line service and I called ''. Their local engineer installed a wireless broadband connection within seven days of order, and it has worked great ever since!"

Mr Edmundson runs and so reliable internet access is critical to his business. Turboweb was able to supply him with this when BT's ADSL could not!


Mr West, who lives within one mile of the local BT exchange, found he was unable to get his ADSL order fulfilled by the phone company, due to some fault on his line. After many months of engineer's visits and complaints to his ISP, he discovered Turboweb wireless service was available in his area. After a call to Turboweb, our local engineer visited and installed his wireless connection.

We did initially have difficulty getting a strong enough signal, but due to us being a local firm with personal service, we were able to modify one of our base station access points and provide Mr. West with broadband within two weeks! After this, Mr West cancelled his original order for ADSL and is happily using the Turboweb wireless service.


Mr. and Mrs. James both work from home on the Internet, but when they moved to Freshwater they found that BT could not supply broadband, as their local exchange had not been upgraded to provide ADSL services. They became some of Turboweb's very first customers, and even when BT did finally upgrade the exchange and make ADSL available, they decided to keep using Turboweb.

Mr James commented: "We'd enjoyed the benefits of Turboweb's local support and low contention, and decided that BT and the national ISPs just couldn't compete. I'd had very frustrating experiences of dealing with BT and cable companies on the mainland, characterised by poorly trained support staff in call centres and unreasonable delays to installation. When you have ADSL, something as simple as changing ISP can leave you with weeks of downtime, because the ISPs won't co-operate, and BT Wholesale refuse to take responsibility, or even return your phone calls."

"Turboweb is different, because the support comes from a real engineer who can actually come to your house or business and make sure everything works perfectly. Not only that, because Turboweb operates its own network on the Island, it can provide the latest technology while taking full responsibility for making it work. Most ISPs are just sales outfits, flogging a BT product that's highly dependent on the condition of your landline (if you have one) and your distance from the exchange. By contrast, Turboweb is a true innovator, with solid engineering back-up. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Turboweb to anyone."