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Turboweb HOT-SPOT price list

Please choose from the following service options.

HOT-SPOT standard speed is up to 2Mbps. Using HOT-SPOT is based purely on time. For example, 100 Gigs access gives you 100 gigs and does not have to be used up within any time frame. Your data use is only counted as it is downloaded! Just log in and out at will, only counting down your data when logged in! 1 gig of data can give you up to 3000 web page views.

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HOT-SPOT Subscriptions: speeds selectable up to 8Mbps. Subscription can be cancelled with 30 days notice before contract renewal date.

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Once you signup, you will be issued with a username and password. Then you have to add credit, once credit is added you can login to the internet with PPPoE login supported by most routers and OS or from our secure HTTPS login for all internet enabled devices.


If your property is in our coverage area but you cannot connect to the HOT-SPOT service directly from a laptop, you can get a fixed installation at your home or business from only £59.99, using a small outdoor nanostation5 receiver. To order a fixed installation, call Turboweb today on the number below. All installations competed within 7 days.