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Turboweb HOT-SPOTs

"HOT-SPOT" services are currently available in:

Bembridge (High street)

Yarmouth (Harbour and Town)

Freshwater (Avenue Road)

Golden Hill (Industrial Estate, Country Park, Solent Hill, Monks Lane and Heathfield Road Campsite)

Freshwater Bay (seafront area)

Freshwater Bay (Golf Club and Afton Down campsite)

The Turboweb "HOT-SPOT" service is an automated system that allows users to connect to our network. You can easily sign up for an account using your web browser, and securely pay by credit/debit card or PayPal. Next, you are instantly issued with a username and password to access the internet. The login can be used either through our HTTPS web page, or our encrypted PPPoE connection, which is supported by all operating systems and most routers. This will create a secure encrypted tunnel across our network.

Why not check out our hotspot price list or try a Wi-Fi scan on your computer to see if you can pick up a Turboweb HOT-SPOT today? (If you live in one of the HOT-SPOT areas but cannot get a signal, please contact us for help. You may be able to connect via a fixed outdoor aerial).

Service Levels

1. Time:
You can purchase gigs from a 1 to 100 gigs. These usage-based services give you the exact specified ammount of access. For example, if you purchase 100 gigs access from the HOT-SPOT you have 100 full gigs of download and upload data useage. This usage is counted only as it is used, and the time does not have to be used within one month, so this is good value for occassional users. For home and business users, our engineer can install the outdoor antenna which will give you fixed broadband access, and you can pay as you go. This is great for holiday homes or other temporary accommodation where the owner does not want a long-term contract, or line rental bills for times when the property is empty.

2. Subscription:
You can set up a low-cost subscription for permanent access to our system. These subscriptions are one year contract based, and cannot be cancelled until they expire, to cancel a contract you will need to let us know 30 days before it expires or it's automatically renewed. For home and business users, our engineer can install the outdoor antenna which will give you fixed broadband access for a very competitive price!

Look for the Turboweb flyers!

Here are our latest print flyers, to be seen near HOT-SPOTS:

Turboweb Hotspot Automated service. How to connect to HotSpot

Turboweb Hotspot Automated systems