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How does it work?

The Turboweb system sends and receives data at symmetrical high speeds to and from your property. It uses a small antenna transmitting and receiving radio waves to and from our base stations which, in turn, are connected to the internet by two high capacity connections with automatic fail over and UPS, for maximum reliability. All this is handled by the very latest ISP routing technology implementing Quality of Service.

The system is designed to carry broadband and Voice over IP traffic effectively. Yes that's right! Ditch your phone line today: save money, get better service and join the wireless communications revolution.

How does wireless broadband work?

Turboweb was the UK's first commercial WISP (wireless internet service provider) providing quality service since the day the government first changed regulations to allow this. We have been providing a great broadband service to many customers for over seven years, much longer than some of the big names! Don't be fooled by our size, as our experience and engineering skills for wireless and routing technologies are second to none. Turboweb's choice of MikroTik software and hardware technology is a tried and tested system that has been operational for a long time, and is at the core of the worlds best wireless networks. This technology is in a highly evolved state. Our core routers, for example, are actually employing more advanced routing software than many of the large providers use. Turboweb also helps many national and international companies to setup and improve their wireless networks, so you can rest assured that we have the experience and skills to give you the services you want.

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

The Turboweb wireless system is primarily a broadband delivery system. Using some of the latest Internet technologies it is now possible to make phone calls through your broadband connection. Companies offering these services offer dramatic savings when compared to providers using the fixed line networks. Here at Turboweb we recommend the service. This is because in our tests and that of our customers it performs the best in terms of call quality, and the hardware supplied is nice and cheap and very effective at the job. It also allows you to simply connect a regular phone so the user experience is much like having a traditional phone line. With Sipgate you simply pay as you go with amazingly cheap calls and you can have a choice of telephone numbers which include 01983 and 0845. You can ring other users for free and the calls to the fixed line telephone network are from 1p per min to most parts of the world at all times of day. The Turboweb network is also ensuring QOS (quality of service) to some VOIP providers including Sipgate and Draytel.

One advantage of using Turboweb for your communications is that there is no line rental, so in most cases, for the same price or less than just the line rental of a fixed line from BT for example, you could have unlimited broadband and then only pay a very low price for the phone calls you make! Also, our pay as you go is a first for broadband! Holiday home owners and workers who do not want a standing charge can save money and only pay for what they use!

Many users already are enjoying unlimited broadband and average phone usage from as little as £14.99 per month!

Not to mention great support with the fastest call out responses in the industry, guaranteed!


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